PEACH Housing Co-operative Inc

Purpose of co-operative

Our purpose is to conscientiously manage our properties in order to provide affordable, well maintained, safe and secure housing on a co-operative basis for our Member and Non-member Tenants while being environmentally responsible.

Location of properties

  • Prospect
  • Enfield
  • Sefton Park
  • Nailsworth
  • Blair Athol
  • Hampstead Gardens
  • Greenacres
Number of properties17
Number of tenants27 (includes children)

Brief history of co-operative

The first 7 PEACH properties were purchased in 1986 for Prospect/Enfield Association for Community Housing. With the establishment of SACHA in 1992 we became PEACH Housing Co-operative Inc. PEACH Housing Co-operative Incorporated (PEACH) is registered as a Member Managed Community Housing Provider under the Community Housing Provider (National Law) (South Australia) Act 2013. PEACH was incorporated under the SA Association Incorporation Act 1985 as of 21 July 2014. PEACH was registered under the NRSCH on 1 December 2014.


In striving to be environmentally responsible, PEACH have been able to provide rainwater tanks for each property requesting one, split system reverse cycle air conditioners for each property and solar panels for 11 of 17 properties with plans to install them in remaining properties when funding is available .

Benefits of being in a co-operative

Being in a co-operative has provided opportunities for education in management of tenants and properties, principles of good governance and organisation management and co-operative principles. The advantage of affordable (income based) housing and opportunity to be involved in a community of diverse individuals working towards a goal is a valuable experience.

Benefits of being a member of Common Equity

Being a member of Common Equity has relieved PEACH members of the anxiety of co-op management and allowed the prospect of enjoyment of the Common Equity co-op community.

Become a tenant-member of a housing co-op

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