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Purpose of co-operative

For many of our members, Acre Housing Co-operative provides a secure and affordable home base, enabling us to live and continue to pursue our chosen careers which often, due to maintaining an arts-based practice and/or working part-time or casually, accrue low, variable and irregular income.

Location of properties

  • Adelaide
Number of properties8
Number of tenants8

Purpose of co-operative

Provide housing on a co-operative basis for low income small households with demonstrated ability to live in communal environments and in need of housing due to a commitment to one or more of the following

  • Artistic pursuits
  • Environmental awareness
  • Education and self-development
  • Community service

Benefits of being in a co-operative

Being autonomous has allowed our members to gain valuable experience in governance and decision making processes which benefit and maintain our close community. Members individually acquire confidence learning organisational skills necessary for a co-operative to function professionally and compliantly with government departments. For some, this has led to achieving employment in vocational areas not previously considered.

Benefits of being a member of Common Equity

The decision to become part of a larger “umbrella” organisation such as Common Equity has been made to help prevent the sense of being overwhelmed by the increasing level of bureaucratic compliance expected from members who are also volunteers.

The move to Common Equity has provided us with a sense of protection from the isolation of being a small co-operative operating under the constant pressure s and uncertainties of future change in our political and economic environment

Pictured: Acre members

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