How to become a member organisation

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Common Equity can provide flexible options for housing co-ops looking to join as a member organisation.

The Common Equity Team would appreciate the opportunity to present to your independent housing co-op the Common Equity difference. We believe our approach to support housing co-ops is unique.

Flexible options for your future

Common Equity Housing SA’s goal is to grow the number of community housing properties and deliver a model of community living that remains true to the co-operative housing ideology. Therefore, three flexible option for your future are available:

Member organisation

Maintain your existing entity with the support services of Common Equity Housing SA, our traditional model.

Direct management

Merge with Common Equity Housing and become directly managed tenants. This enables CHPs who wish to dissolve their entities but retain their individual tenancies within an organisation which understands and respects their background and is committed to the preservation of secure and affordable housing.

Joint options

Provide a choice for members by offering an option to split the membership. i.e. Maintain your existing entity for members who want to stay within member-based model with the support of Common Equity Housing and enable other members to either become direct tenants of Common Equity Housing or to merge with another eligible CHP as a direct tenant.

The Common Equity Housing SA difference

Common Equity’s aim is to enable housing co-ops (Tier 3, CHPs) to have the time and energy to build strong communities, social networks and better health and wellbeing outcomes for their members by providing the administration, finance, property management and compliance services and support. Any surplus funds are invested back into additional services and infrastructure to support members.

This brochure has all the details.

We’re happy to attend a meeting anytime – during the day, night or weekends. If you’re interested, please contact us on 8354 2790.

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We believe Common Equity Housing SA can partner with housing co-ops to strengthen our collective position within the community housing sector to deliver of model of community living that remains true to the co-operative housing ideology.

Introducing our member organisations

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