Common Equity Housing South Australia Ltd (Common Equity) actively promotes and enacts the principles of co-operation in order to provide a high standard of service, and welcomes feedback on services and staff. We would love to hear about your experiences in accessing our services as it provides us with further opportunities to continuously improve our services.

How to provide feedback

Common Equity has several ways to receive feedback from its tenants and Common Equity Member Organisations (Volunteer Member Tenant Managed Organisations), which could be in the form of a complaint, a comment, or a suggestion. Feedback on Common Equity services and the way the service has been delivered can be provided by:

  • Using the complaint form
  • Phone: 8354 2790
  • In person: Suite 2, 32 West Thebarton Rd, Thebarton
    You can ask to speak with the CEO about our team, our services and decisions made.
  • Email: 
  • Writing to Chief Executive Officer, Common Equity Housing South Australia Ltd,  PO Box 382, Torrensville Plaza 5031

All feedback will be acknowledged within 24 hrs of receipt.

Making a complaint

What can you make a complaint about?

Common Equity wants to make sure our services work for the people who need and use them. This could include an expression of dissatisfaction with a specific aspect of Common Equity’s services (standard or type), lodged by an individual party or group, or their representative.  If the issue is addressed and still unresolved, a complaint can be made via the same channels as stated in the Common Equity’s Guidelines on providing feedback relating to:

  • how a service was provided
  • the conduct of a team member

We want to know if you believe that:

  • you were given unsatisfactory service
  • you did not receive enough information or choice
  • you were denied respect, dignity or privacy

You can also contact Common Equity and ask to speak to the supervisor of the team member who:

  • provided the service
  • made the decision
  • you would like to complain about

All complaints are dealt with courteously, treated seriously and confidentially. Your feedback will be acknowledged in writing within a few days, and addressed promptly according to an agreed timescale. When making a complaint, it may be useful for you to keep note of:

  • who you spoke with
  • the date and time you talked to them
  • what you talked about e.g. what you were told, and what they were going to do

Please refer to the Common Equity’s Compliments and Complaints Management Policy and Procedure if you require further information:

Further information

Need assistance?

Lodging a complaint and seeking a resolution can sometimes involve sensitive issues. Common Equity can provide assistance and support throughout the process of making a complaint, and can arrange an interpreter to help with language services. You may also give permission to someone else to lodge a complaint on your behalf.

What happens to the information collected about complaints?

Your personal information, and any information related to people who are the subject of a complaint is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988, and should be confidential, and only used for the purposes of addressing the complaint and any follow up actions.

Although the investigation of your complaint may involve sharing your personal information with other relevant areas within Common Equity to achieve a resolution, your personal  information will be kept confidential and only be used or disclosed for the purposes of addressing the complaint, or any related purpose that you would reasonably expect.

Common Equity also collects and uses a range of personal information for delivering, planning, funding, monitoring, evaluating and improving our services and functions, and for meeting statutory requirements. Unless it is necessary for the purpose of the collection, Common Equity will remove identifying details from this personal information.

If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with, you can contact:

Rent Right SA
Phone: 1800 060 462 
Rent Right Website

 Additional related information

Complaint form

Please briefly tell us what happened, where & with whom.
Please inform us of any phone conversations, letters, visits or meetings you have had to try and resolve this matter yourself.
Please explain what action you feel would help resolve this matter.
Please inform us of anything else that we should be aware of, so we can respond to your complaint in a fully informed and swift way. You may attach copies of relevant letters or documents you have relating to the matter.

Our key contact information

We welcome your feedback

We would love to hear from you

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