How do I apply?

Step 1: Be sure

Make sure co-op housing is for you

Co-op housing is a long-term housing option that requires ongoing commitment as a co-op member, as well as the standard requirements of a tenant.

You are encouraged to read the information provided on this website to help you decide if co-op housing is the right option for you, before completing a Registration of Interest In Housing Form for co-op housing with Common Equity. The Registration of Interest In Housing Form is the same form used for Housing SA properties, General Community Housing, Aboriginal Housing and Co-op Housing, so it is important to make your interest in Co-op Housing clear by completing page 9 and 10.

When co-ops have a vacancy, they will view the Single Housing Register, make a shortlist of suitable applicants who have expressed their interest in co-op housing, and then interview them, with the aim to find new members who:

  • will play an active role in the
    running of the co-op
  • are good tenants and neighbours
  • best meet the selection criteria
    set by the co-op

Opportunities for membership may take up to several years and the housing co-ops within Common Equity typically have an overall total between them of 10 to 15 vacancies per year.

Step 2: Read and understand the information provided on this website

We encourage you to read the information provided on this website, particularly the following sections:

This should help you decide if co-op housing is the right option for you.

Step 3: Complete a registration of interest form

The steps are:

  • Identify the housing co-op you think is right for you – see our list of Member Organisations. Make sure they have properties in the areas you are seeking
  • Complete the Registration of Interest In Housing Form and remember to:
  • provide details of every person who will be housed with you
  • provide information about each household member’s income and assets
  • identify the areas where you wish to live
  • select Cooperative Housing by completing page 9 and 10
  • provide background information that will assist the housing co-op to identify what qualities you could bring to their organisation – see PART E Skills and courses
  • take some time in answering all of the questions
  • Finalise the Registration Of Interest In Housing Form and along with your proof of income and identity either email, post or drop into Common Equity. See our contact details
  • It is important your Registration of Interest is kept updated and current SA.GOV.AU – Register for housing (

Step 4: Tenancy selection

The housing co-op with a vacancy will access the SA Housing Authority’s Single Housing Register and search to shortlist suitable applicants who have completed the Registration of Interest form. Once a shortlist is completed the next steps for the co-op are to:

  • contact all applicants
    on the shortlist to gauge interest in the available property, and to ask
    specific questions related to the housing co-op’s purpose, willingness to
    participate, and the skills that you can offer
  • interview chosen final
    applicants, and to provide relevant background information about the housing
    co-op, conditions of tenancy and rent, and the membership process, before
    making a housing offer
  • Select a potential
    tenant and future member according to co-op policy and procedure, based on set

Common Equity will:

  • verify the applicant’s
    proof of income and confirm that eligibility criteria are met
  • calculate the estimated
    rent and bond for the property, notify the applicant in writing of these
    calculations, and make a formal housing offer on behalf of the co-op
  • finalise an initial
    fixed term lease and bond details, and provide all relevant tenancy information

Step 5: Become a co-op member

Becoming a member of a co-op is not automatic, nor guaranteed. Besides your tenancy agreement obligations, each housing co-operative will have its own policies, procedures, expectations and commitment requirements, as part of their member induction process, that you will need to meet, before being accepted as a member.

However, existing members of your housing co-op will welcome, support and guide you as you learn the skills required to be an active member of your co-op.

Co-ops are committed to providing appropriate education and resources, and you will be able to participate in the activities of the co-op, and to access Common Equity’s additional resources and training.

Do you believe that co-op housing is the right option for you?

Print and complete the form.

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