Young Ones Co-operative Housing Inc


Purpose of co-operative

To provide safe, secure, affordable housing for people on low incomes; to build member identity and active commitment; and to build social capital while achieving the co-operative’s sustainability. We aim to operate within the spirit of the international principles of co-operation, and to work with likeminded organisations to promote the value of community housing.

Location of properties

  • Bowden
  • Klemzig
  • Campbelltown
  • Newton
  • Seacombe Gardens
Number of properties16
Number of tenants25

A brief history of co-operative

Originally formed in mid-1990s as Young Ones Co-operative Housing Inc. (YOCHI), the age mix of the housing group has changed over the years, and in 2015 the group became a housing association under the new SA community housing legislation.


We have installed solar panels to all the houses, thus reducing both the carbon footprint of 16 households and electricity costs, whilst improving living standards. We have also installed air conditioning to a number of properties. Both measures were possible due to savings the co-operative managed to achieve over the years, supported by the ability to implement rent levies to garner funds and make amenity improvements for all member tenants.

Benefits of being in a co-operative

Lower rental payments – rent is based on your income, so if your income is reduced, so is your rent;

  • You are part of a group of people that care. Once a month we meet to discuss issues and relevant topics. You can feel part of a group and not feel isolated and alone, as you would in private rental or home ownership;
  • Property maintenance is managed by the co-operative; and
  • There is the opportunity to improve your home upon request and approval.

The benefits of being a member of Common Equity

Emergency Services Levy, water and council rates are paid by Common Equity. Common Equity also provides extra support with maintenance and provides advocacy for our co-operative within in the housing sector.

Become a tenant-member of a housing co-op

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