Who is eligible


Community Housing has a specific purpose and therefore housing allocations are reserved for those who are eligible. Please see below to find out more information about Eligibility and if you meet the criteria.

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To be eligible for community housing, customers must meet the basic eligibility criteria before they can be registered on the Community Housing Customer Register.

To pass the base eligibility criteria people need to:

  • be a resident of South Australia
  • not be a homeowner
  • have an independent income

Exceptions to these criteria may apply in extenuating circumstances. Registrants must be able to show proof of income and identification.

Additional criteria may also apply if you are registering interest in community housing with a housing co-op.

Multiple household groups

If there’s more than one household group in your registration of interest, such as a couple with a child and a financially independent elderly parent, both households need to be eligible or have special circumstances.

Before you apply

Learn how to apply to a housing co-op

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Where the housing co-ops are located

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