Phoenix Housing Co-operative Inc

Purpose of co-operative

To provide housing on a co-operative basis for eligible households, in particular single parent families, sole grandparents and sole persons.

Location of properties

  • Goodwood
  • Edwardstown
  • Ascot Park
  • Plympton
  • Dover Gardens
Number of properties8
Number of tenants8

Brief history of co-operative

Phoenix Housing Co-op is a small group of eight properties/members, spread mostly across Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs, with a history of supporting single parent families. Formed in 2014 from a previously dissolved co-op, the co-op was renamed as Phoenix in 2015. Although our group is small, Phoenix is proud of the ability to maintain a vibrant and resilient approach to the co-operative housing experience, and to support its members to take on co-op responsibilities. Members continue to be committed to respectful relationships when working together. History has shown us that respectful relationships support a healthy and sustainable Co-op.


Phoenix has shown itself to be the stable constant/respite that has sustained both individuals, and single parent families as they have furthered their lives. Co-op members also pride themselves on providing support and expertise to Common Equity and its Member Organisations, in terms of Common Equity Board participation, Policy and Procedure creation and update, Member Organisation Education, and Appeal Panel support.

Benefits of being in a co-operative 

Phoenix is made up of past and present, single parent individuals/families from different circumstances, backgrounds and cultures, who have come together as a cohesive group because of our common need for secure affordable housing, and we are prepared to play our part in return.

Benefits of being in our co-operative include being part of a group where people understand what life is like as a single parent, and having autonomy over your housing, which become ‘homes’, so that you can plan a future for yourself and your children.

It is also about having a sense of being a part of a diverse community that is affirming and supportive, having a commitment to the people involved, and wanting to work co-operatively for an organisation that shares a vision of longevity.

Benefits of being a member of CEHSA

Being a member of Common Equity means that ‘the hard work’ is taken away – although running the co-operative remains the same, regulatory compliance issues are no longer a burden, which allows more energy to go towards our original group and individual pursuits of cohesiveness, support, and community engagement. Partnership with Common Equity, with its unique, non-bureaucratic structure means that we have regular access to streamlining resources, that we still maintain individual and community autonomy, and that the organisation feels understood and supported into the future.

Become a tenant-member of a housing co-op

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