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What is the process to get a co-op house?

The first step will be to familiarise yourself with housing co-ops. We have information available on our website located under the “Co-op housing” section on the following steps:

After you have worked your way through these steps you can complete a registration of interest form which can be found under the “How do I apply” section of our website. For any assistance, please contact the Common Equity office on 08 8354 2790.

I have lodged an application, what happens next?

Your completed application will be entered into the Community Housing Customer Register (CHCR), which is a housing data base (not a waiting list) for all applicants who are seeking housing. Community Housing Providers use this database to find suitable applicants when they have a housing vacancy.

Common Equity does not operate a waiting list and we have limited vacancies due to offering our members long-term secure housing.

When a property becomes vacant within one of our member organisations they search on the CHCR for a suitable applicant for the vacant property, who has selected that region as a preference.

Common Equity does have a limited number of directly managed properties, and they will fulfil the tenant allocation process for those properties.

Suitable applicants will be contacted and this begins the process to receive a housing offer.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be interviewed in relation to the housing vacancy, or housed.

How long does it take to get a house?

Typically, in Community Housing available vacancies are allocated to those deemed to have the most urgent housing need, and who is the best match for the available property. Even if you have special circumstances, it may still take some time before you receive a housing offer. If you have registered interest in being part of a housing co-operative allocations are treated slightly differently.

Base core eligibility is still required to be met but you don’t need to be a category 1 applicant. Allocations are focussed on fulfilling the Co-op’s purpose. Member organisations will be looking for suitable applicants, with certain skill sets, that could be potential new members committed to participating in the management of their co-op.  Allocations are still subject to housing stock availability.

It is important that you keep your contact details up to date so we can get in touch with you if a suitable property becomes available. The supply of available housing is very limited, so please ensure you keep exploring all other housing options.

What is the process after I have been contacted?

After you have been contacted regarding a vacancy the next steps are as follows:

  • A time will be arranged for you to have a first interview
  • The housing co-op may interview multiple applicants
  • The housing co-op undertakes the tenant selection process
  • A housing offer will be made

Once you have received a housing offer you will have the option to accept or decline. If you accept the housing offer you will start the process to become a non-member tenant. You will be required to arrange a bond and the first instalment of rent. An appointment will be made with you to sign a fixed term lease agreement and to go through your tenancy rights and obligations.

If you decline the housing offer this will not have a negative impact on your application but you will go back to being an applicant on the Community Housing Customer Register (CHCR).

If you are interviewed but don’t receive a housing offer, as mentioned previously, this will also not impact on your application, which will remain on the CHCR.

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