Frequently asked questions for members

Who do I contact when I have a problem?

In the first instance, if you are a member of a Common Equity housing co-operative you will need to refer to the appropriate person within your co-op, and to the policies and procedures that have been provided to you.

If you have any problems with Common Equity, or you are a directly managed tenant, you will need to contact the Common Equity office on 8354 2790.

Alternatively, click on this link direct to our feedback form.


Who do I contact to advise a maintenance issue?

If you are a housing co-operative member you contact the maintenance officer (MO) for your group

If you are a direct tenant you contact the Common Equity office on 8354 2790

Can I arrange or do my own maintenance?

In most cases maintenance is required to actioned by a licensed, qualified and insured tradesperson. However, it is possible for members or direct tenants to arrange or action their own maintenance in extenuating circumstances, which will need to be negotiated, and it may then be possible to seek reimbursement.

What if I want to do property improvements?

This is certainly possible, however, there is an approval process that must be followed to undertake all property improvements, alterations or additions. In most cases any changes would be funded by the tenant.

Can I paint my property?

The Common Equity Housing Board has recognised that often tenants are not able to paint their property, and therefore internal and external painting is included in the forecast maintenance plan. If a tenant wants to paint any aspects of the property themselves, they will need to submit a request to Common Equity.

Who pays for maintenance?

General maintenance is paid for from the Common Equity maintenance funds that are budgeted for each property. Tenants are responsible to pay for maintenance for tenant damage or for lease agreement exclusions.

What if I accidentally break something?

If you accidentally break something you need to pay for it. If you can’t afford it you can contact your member organisation and they may make arrangements for payment with the approval of the members. If you are a directly managed tenant you should contact Common Equity to discuss the possibility of any repayment options.


How do I pay my rent?

Rent is paid to Common Equity via EFT or direct debit. When you become a tenant or member of Common Equity you will be supplied with our bank details and a personal agent ID.

Common Equity is also able to accept rent payments via Centrepay. This is a payment that comes directly from your Centrelink benefit to Common Equity.

How is my rent calculated?  

Rent is calculated as per the Community Housing Rent Policy which is issued by the South Australian Housing Authority. Rent is charged under the banner of ‘Income based rent’. This means the rent you are charged is as a percentage of your income. This is typically around 25% of total household income plus full Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

How much rent can I expect to pay?

To work out how much rent you would expect to pay in Community Housing with an income-based rent tenancy you can do a simple calculation. Gross weekly income (before tax) X 0.25. For example, $400 gross weekly income X 0.25 = $100 rent per week (plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance).

What happens if I get into rent arrears?

If you get into rent arrears you will be notified before you receive a breach notice. Common Equity will investigate options to develop a payment plan with any tenant in rent arrears before going to the South Australia Civil and Administrative Tribunal, commonly known as SACAT. If you are having trouble paying your rent, or think you might miss a payment it is best to be proactive and contact the office on 08 8354 2790 as soon as possible.

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