Heidi Claus

Member Director

Heidi Claus was able to complete her Master of Social Work as a mature age student because of the security afforded her when she was housed by Paris Flat Housing Co-operative (PFHC) in 2016. As a student, Heidi has served on student and academic council boards in roles as Treasurer, Policy Officer, Campus Chair, Student Representative, and as the National Queer Officer for the National Union of Students. In these roles Heidi was a fierce campaigner for social justice causes including refugee and international student rights, marriage equality, and against all forms of discrimination, and worked as a tireless advocate for student rights.

Since then, Heidi has worked as a social worker with Disability SA, Child and Family Health Services, and currently works as a counsellor in an independent school in Henley. Heidi has also served PFHC as the Membership Convenor, Chairperson, and has recently taken on the role of Treasurer.

Community Housing has had a hugely positive impact on Heidi’s health, wellbeing and prosperity and she is committed to supporting the growth of CEHSA, the wellbeing of Members and Member Organisations, with the aim of providing more secure, affordable, and quality housing to vulnerable South Australians. 

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