Claire Thackray

Member Director

Claire has university studies in Music, Veterinary Science and Nursing, BS Animal Science (Louisiana Tech University), MS Wildlife Biology (LTU), trained and licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician. Professional development in areas involving disability and the arts. Basic Radio Broadcasting Certificate (Radio Adelaide), Community Partnerships and Growth courses including Rent Management, Good Governance and NRS training.

Now retired, Claire has been an Event and Volunteer Project Manager for an arts and disability organisation including management of a production team for an award-winning radio show as well as co-presenter of another award-winning radio show and volunteered as a Board Member and Secretary of the SA Folk Federation. Claire also managed an outdoor adventure company, worked as a zookeeper and a veterinary nurse. Most recently, Claire has spent the last 8 years as either Chair or Assistant Chair of PEACH Housing Co-operative while assisting in sub-committees. Always a musician, Claire is now contributing to a number of music projects as a percussionist and flute player.

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