Stephanie Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie has extensive experience leading customer and member focussed arts, housing and health organisations in Australia and the UK. She brings expertise in governance, strategic planning, business development, financial and operational management, as well as communications and stakeholder engagement.

Originally from Port Augusta, she left to study Economics at the University of Adelaide.

Her housing career started with housing co-operatives as the Executive Officer at CHASSA in the early nineties, after which she moved to London and stayed 14 years. Her first role in London was managing a housing co-operative for single homeless people not eligible for local authority housing. She went from there to be Housing Services Manager at CDS Co-operatives, a secondary co-op that supports more than 40 housing co-ops, providing them with a range of services which enable them to continue as independent and resident controlled housing providers.

Stephanie has a master’s degree in Management and Social Responsibility from Bristol University (UK) and Graduate Certificate in Dialogue, Deliberation & Public Engagement, Fielding Graduate University (USA).

Stephanie’s vision is to grow co-operative and community led housing in SA, in scale, diversity and impact. Internationally, housing co-operatives deliver economic and social benefits, achieving better outcomes for individuals and families through community engagement and a sense of connectedness. They are vital to inclusive and diverse affordable housing provision.

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